Our services

Long Spine Pilates operates in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. We offer individualized Pilates instruction by appointment in our private garden and ocean-view studio.  Do you want to start a new exercise program or just maintain your current level of fitness? Perhaps you want to improve your performance in your favorite sport or you are preparing for a special event.  With one-on-one training, exercises can be tailored to your specific needs and you can progress at your own rate.  The small adjustments possible in a private session mean that you can obtain the maximum benefit from an exercise. Private training is particularly valuable if you are new to Pilates, if you need special modifications to allow you to perform certain exercises, or if you are simply looking for a greater challenge.

The studio offers specialized Pilates equipment manufactured by Balanced Body®.  Sessions might focus on a particular apparatus, such as a Pilates reformer, or include a mix of apparatus, such as the reformer, chair and/or tower, used to challenge different parts of the body.  Alternatively, you might prefer mat-based sessions without any specialized equipment.   Contact us to book a session.


Pilates is full body movement training based on the original work of Joseph Pilates. Exercises are designed to flow with the breath using control and precision.  They can be performed in a variety of positions to target specific muscle groups or to encompass the whole body. The specialized equipment can be modified to challenge individuals at any level of ability.


Neurokinetic Therapy® (NKT) may be combined with Pilates, depending on your specific needs.  NKT is a corrective movement system which can help to identify whether some muscles are overworking while others are not engaging at the right time.  Correcting such issues can lead to more efficient muscle use, less pain and better overall performance.